Session Guide

Get ready

Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your family! I can’t wait to get to know you. I love to capture the relaxed and real interactions between family members. While I do pose your family, I love to let the little ones play and love on each other (and you) during the session. Those pictures are often ten times better than the posed, smiling at the camera ones! So relax and hang out while I capture your beautiful family!

denver boulder newborn photographer
denver boulder newborn photographer

+ quick tips

Along with this welcome packet, you will receive a client questionnaire and a guide to help you decide what to wear. Please fill out the questionnaire and return back to me. I only schedule outdoor sessions within 1-1.5 hours prior to sunset. Sunset times change throughout the year, so the time will depend on the date we pick. Since sunset is later during the summer season, I recommend later lunches, naps and dinners to make those babies happy for the evening session!

  • Bring snacks, drinks, favorite toys, blankies etc. I want your kids to feel as comfortable as possible and not on punishment! (try to bring snacks that aren’t to messy and easy to hand over in small doses). We will hide snacks/toys during your session and bring them out ONLY as backup if needed!
  • Make the day special! Plan a fun day or activity leading up to your session- that will lift everyone’s mood and keep the happy energy going for your photos rather than turning the evening into something the whole family is dreading. 
  • Late nap + dinner. If your session has a later start time, try to push naps later/longer or add a cat nap later in the evening. It’s scary pushing past bed time, but kids are usually excited about something new so they can last about an hour (which is all I need!)
  • ARRIVE EARLY! Kids need some time to get warmed up or wake up from the car ride- arrive 10 minutes early to make sure your children are awake and happy by the time we start!
  • Your kids (and you) may get dirty. I will try to capture smiling group shots at the top of the hour to ensure we get clean outfits and combed hair, but the messy and playful shots are even better.
  • Want to bring your pet? Yes Please! I love including pets in family photos. If you decide to bring a pet to an outdoor session, please bring a friend or someone to take the pet when they are not in photos. Also, bring treats! If this will help get their attention for a few photos, I am PRO TREAT. (In-home sessions are fine to not bring an extra person!)

after your shoot

I will send you a proofing gallery to choose your final images from- these are lightly edited to give you an idea of what the final images will look like. Your final gallery will be sent to you within FOUR WEEKS of choosing your top images. You have two weeks to download your images before your gallery is archived. There is a $25 fee to re-upload your gallery, so make sure to download and backup your files!

PRINT YOUR IMAGES! Back up your files, and also just print them! I love looking back at old photographs from my childhood – you will want physical pictures to keep as well as the digital.

Have any questions?! Let’s chat!