Photographer’s time & talent, what to wear guide and styling assistance, an access code to style&select, and digital images. I deliver all of the images I edit from the session, I do not limit how many you get. Digital images are delivered via an online gallery for you to download directly. Your retainer fee holds your date on my calendar. Once that is paid and a contract is signed, you are officially on the books! Your remaining balance is due before your session.

Location depends on the session type. Lifestyle sessions can take place in your home. Outdoor sessions can take place outdoors. There may be an additional travel fee for locations outside of Denver, CO.

Outdoor sessions start about 1.5 hrs before sunset. This will change throughout the year, so start time depends on the date of your session. Children do not usually do well when the session lasts longer than 45 minutes, so I make sure to get all that we need in 45min-1hr. 

If we are doing a lifestyle session in your home, it will depend on when your house gets the best light- but most likely that will also be late morning/mid-day. Please try to arrive 15 minutes early for your outdoor session! This allows for children to wake up from the car ride over and get warmed up and ready to go.

Not sure what to wear? I can help!  When you book a session with me, you will receive access to a personalized styling site called Style & Select. I love it so much, I’ve been checking it for cute outfits I just need in general! They update every few days, so it should always be full of new and cute options.  I LOVE to help- I’m available via email to chat about outfits or help you decide!

I will pose you as needed, so you won’t need to worry about that ahead of time. Most of my sessions, I set you up in a specific location and pose and ask you to interact with each other and ignore me. Pretty easy, acting like you all like each other! I will usually get one “smile and look at me” shot once I set you up, but the rest are candid. I don’t mind if you move around, the more realistic your interactions are, the more realistic and sweet the images are! I will move you if you look weird- but usually, your natural movements look great. Don’t be afraid to move or talk during our session! Sing songs and act silly, I’ll try not to make it awkward following you around with my big camera. 

Please try to book 2-3 months in advance. If you end up needing a session last minute, shoot me a message and I can see what I have available! Fresh48 sessions need to be booked in as far advance as possible, as I make sure my schedule is clear around your due date. 

Outdoor sessions have been filling up quickly, so do not wait to get on the calendar for those. Summer sessions are a great option, no cold or runny noses on the babes!

I always recommend scheduling maternity sessions for when you are around 31-34 weeks along. If we get rained out and have to move the session back, we are on a pretty tight timeline so I like to give us as much time as possible to get that in with reschedules!

You will get your digital images through an online gallery in under 3 weeks. These files are yours to print them wherever and whenever you would like, HOWEVER, I do have certain printers I recommend using; your images may not turn out as amazing as they look on screen if you go with the cheapest printer. MPix is a good choice for prints. Make sure you backup and save your files! AND print them!

If the forecast is cloudy- that’s perfectly fine! Cloudy days make for great and flattering lighting on faces. Often times cloudy days turn into amazing sunsets anyway. If there is a high chance of rain, we will reschedule outdoor sessions. Indoor sessions are fine if it’s not sunny! 

If you follow me on social media or have checked out my website, you can see I LOVE ANIMALS. Bring all the dogs!! (Cats are OK too… I’m not a hater). If you bring a pet to an outdoor session, please bring a friend or someone to take the dog when we aren’t using them in shots. If we are shooting in your home, we will include them as long as they allow!

I bring minimal props for lifestyle newborns sessions (wraps, blankets, a few headbands). I do not bring any to my outdoor sessions. My main goal during sessions is to capture the moments and love between family members, and I don’t need props for that! I love capturing a family in their home for newborn sessions- these are so fun to look back on later once houses have changed and babies have grown.

If you DO have certain props or poses that mean something to you, feel free to message me beforehand so I can plan accordingly. I love using a blanket grandma crocheted or something similar to make your images special and unique to your family!

I have a felt letterboard that I can bring to your Fresh48 or Newborn Session- just be sure to let me know ahead of time what you want it to say!

I DO! I have a few options that I can bring, just let me know ahead of time if you have any specific colors that you like!