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How to Add a Photography Session to Your Baby Registry

Registering for baby stuff sucks. There is just SO. MUCH. STUFF. You don’t need it all… but you DO NEED IT ALL. I needed all of it. I will (and did) buy anything to make my life easier in the first few months.

One thing that you may not think about registering for is a photo session! Gift registries are great for things you want, but may not want to spend money on first… which makes it a great registry item. If you make your registry using or something similar, you can add links from anywhere! I used and loved adding links from different shops while keeping it all in one place.

One of the worst parts about registering and buying all of this **totally necessary** baby crap is that you’re done with most things in 3-4 months. Depressing. I was honestly pissed about how quickly my kid grew out of or stopped using things I NEEDED.

You know what doesn’t get old and DOES last forever? PHOTOS. Photos of your sweet perfect angel baby. This is the perfect opportunity to have friends and family help send you the best gift that you won’t be done with in 3-4 months 🤣. PLUS everyone can contribute a little bit without having to buy a whole session if they don’t want to!

How to add a gift card to you registry:

  1. Click HERE to copy the digital gift card link
  2. Go to your online registry (like and add the link to your registry
  3. You may want to include my website information so they know how much a regular session costs- that way they can split it with someone else or know how much you need! (