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I have visited many new family homes while photographing their newborns, and I ask ALL. THE. QUESTIONS. Where is that from? What about this? What do I need when I have a baby?

I'm basically nosey as hell.

WELL I had a baby and used all that info, and my husband suggested I share that info with future clients. Every baby/ family does seem to have different likes and preferences, but here are some of ours (and my client's)!

Favorite swaddles for photos: Mebie Baby Swaddle

For a more snug fit I like any jersey swaddle: Copper Pearl Swaddle

Favorite swaddles for function: Ollie Swaddle (the other ones are great for photos, this one is great as a real likfe baby straightjacket to keep those arms down at night)

Newborn gown and hat for photos: Lou Lou & Co Gown and Top Knot Hat

Keter Bath Seat - Maggie from @beanandbisquit posted about these bath seats, I got one, we love it. They do need to be able to sit up though! It's small/lightweight and suctions to the bottom of the tub.

Quick zip sheets- My friend Cait said this was her number one registry item she suggests. SHE WAS RIGHT. My baby spit up a TON early on and this saved us from changing his whole bedding situation. You just zip off the top and replace it, something you never knew you would love and need. NOW he is peeing through his jammies, so still doing us some good haha.

THE BABY BIBLE- Mom's On Call Book- this is my most favorite prized possession. If you plan to sleep-train your baby, or you just know you really like sleep, get this! Lane slept 12 hours straight through by 11 weeks old. It sucks to sleep train in the beginning, but once you get a full night of sleep it is worth it alllll. Take my monies. Same friend who told me about the quick zip sheets sold me on this book, I THANK HER EVERY DAY.

Ergo embrace carrier - I really wanted to like a wrap style carrier, so I first bought one of those while my husband used a more structured carrier. I hated how long the wrap took me to get set up and the structured one seemed too bulky. The Ergo Embrace is sort of in the middle of the two- super easy to throw on, soft and minimal feeling like a sling/wrap.

Kyte baby soft outfits - THE SOFTEST. The material is thin but so so soft. I want adult clothes from them! I love the zip jammies but during the day he also lives in the onesies: Kyte Onesie

Bibs- Lane spit up a lot early on, now he drools. These bibs from Mebie are cute and do the job! They also have the cutest burp clothes.

Bibs Pacifiers: I really didn't want my baby to NEED a pacifier, but he came out of the womb sucking on his hands. The hospital gave him one of those "soothie" brands, so we went with that for a while. They would fall out when he started to fall asleep and he would wake up and cry- great, greaaat. One day I tried popping in one of these cute pacis I had bought while pregnant (BIBS brand) and he loved it! The way they are shaped somehow keeps them from falling out as easily. Plus they are just way more cute than the other ones. I just bought 8 more for around the house.

Slouch Headwear: I got my husband and babe matching hats from here, very cute.

Nail dremmel I was (still am) really scared of cutting his nails. This is the only thing I've used

Hakaa - you don't NEED a lid, but I have flung a full Hakaa across the room on accident so you may look into that... Hakaa with lid

Owlet - Are you a crazy mom? Are you a normal mom who maybe likes to track sleep? I'm all the things. Throw this on your registry and hope a few people pitch in for one.

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