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The Hughes Family of... 6?... (counting the dogs) is complete! And yes we count the dogs around here. I'm so happy Maggie contacted me to photograph all of these special newborn moments- from both hospitals to now being home. I'm sure life will be crazy for a while with these two arriving so close in time, so now she can look back at these to remember what all she may have blacked out 🤣! I can't wait to follow their story and see how close the two boys become!

Background story from the Hughes Family Pregnancy Announcement blog post here:

Post from Maggie and Matt from earlier this year:

Matt and I are overwhelmed with happiness to finally announce our family is growing! After trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years- and 5 rounds of IVF later- we decided it was time to ask for (even more) help. We found the most amazing surrogate who quickly became pregnant with our baby —*For anyone unfamiliar with this process- Matt and I made embryos; they are half me, half Matt, whole perfect 😇 One of those embryos was then transferred into our surrogate during a medical procedure (she has no biological tie to our child- just an angel sent to us to give our baby a safe place to grow for a while 💛)*— We are over the moon, hearts bursting. Our light at the end of the tunnel is finally here...... Buttttttt God had additional plans, and decided to finally allow us to become pregnant on our own- exactly one month later. SURPRISE! (And a surprise it was!) We are now expecting two precious souls. We feel so incredibly lucky we get to be their parents. We cannot wait to meet them and hold them and love them forever. We are elated and thankful (and still in shock) and will never ever take these pregnancies for granted. I never thought our time would come, and I struggled with posting about our news at all. I know these announcements can hurt; I’ve felt it countless, countless times. So I just wanted to also take a minute to acknowledge anyone who is still struggling to start their family, and let you know my heart is with you. We all deserve to have this proud moment, and your time will come - even if right now it feels like it never will 💛 For us, it was close to 3 years in the making; layered with disappointment and loss, but also with fierce determination and hope, and the most unsuspecting surprises along the way. NEVER GIVE UP! Baby Hughes (1 & 2) are coming.

(if you want to follow their story, she made an instagram account:

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